Fundamentals of Optics Course


According to our local surveys generalized to the Egyptian population, there are approximately 20 million people in Egypt needing eye glasses.
This course is to develop and promote the enrolled participants’ capacity to work as professional opticians within the team of eye care in integration with the roles of Ophthalmologist, Clinical Ophthalmic Assistant, and Ophthalmic Nurse.
The enrolled participants are being prepared to meet the real market needs, and to gain a better recognition and have a market advantage through a mix of interactive sessions and practical applications of essential skills.

Two Months and a Half (Two days per week)

Learning objectives:
By the end of the lectures and the series of workshops
of this program, the Participants will be able to:
1. Understand the basics of the anatomy and the physiology of the eye
2. Understand the relevance of ocular disease
(Red & Blue Flags)
3. Understand the basics of geometric optics
4. Conduct methods of assessing visual acuity and binocular status
5. Perform refraction assessment for all patients
6. Dispense an appropriate optical appliance.
7. Understand the choice, fitting and management of contact lenses.
8. Seek and communicate relevant information from and to patients in an effective and appropriate manner.
9. Understand the fundamentals of optical sales management
10. Understand the fundamentals of store management

This program is suitable for:
• Participants who graduated from an undergraduate optician program
• Participants who have experience in the field of optical retails and wish to gain further qualifications.

This program will provide the following
• Medical basics of optics
• Dispensing optics fundamentals
• Dispensing optics skills
• Managing customers
• Managing stores

Course content:
● Basic anatomy and physiology of the Eye
● Basics of the Diseases of the Eye (Red & Blue Flags)
● Geometric optics
● Optics and Refractive States
● Optical dispensing
● Contact lenses
● Fundamentals of optical sales management
● Fundamentals of store management

Teaching methods:
• Deductive lectures and interactive sessions.
• Demonstration and redemonstrations
• Discussions
• Observation
• Supervised application (active observation)
• Self-Assessment methods
• Exams

Final award:
Participation Certificate accredited by ESSLIOR Egypt is awarded by Professional education and training unit of the Magrabi foundation for students who complete the course and pass the final exam of the unit.

Program Coordinator:
Ms. Nermeen El Bahtimi
Follow-up and Coordination Manager, Magrabi Foundation


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