Primary eye health care program



The participants will develop a capacity to properly identify and manage common eye health conditions in the community context by joining our 4-day short course on primary eye health care and experience a mix of interactive sessions and practical applications of essential clinical skills

4 days

Course competencies:
1. Understand the burden of community eye health problems on individuals, community and health systems
2. Use clinical reasoning to approach commonly presenting eye health conditions at the level of primary care
3. Red eye
4. Diminution of vision
5. Painful eye
6. Effect of chronic diseases on the eye Eye emergencies
7. Perform essential clinical skills to screen and diagnose common eye health problems
8. Timely recognize red flags and take effective decisions regarding eye health problems
9. Reflect on the management systems and plans of provided eye health services at the primary

Learning objectives:
By the end of the lectures and the series of workshops
of this program, the Participants will:
Improve the participants capacity to properly identify and manage common eye health conditions in the community.

This program is suitable for:
• Family Physicians
• General Practitioners with more than 5 years of experience in primary care

Teaching methods
• A variety of interactive methods with multiple opportunities for clinical and practical applications during field visits

Course content
• Community Ophthalmology epidemiology
• Development of eye and sight
• The evolution of community eye health
• Primary eye Care and its clinical applications

Final award:
Course attendance certificate from The Magrabi Foundation after meeting the (pass) requirements of the course.

Program Coordinator:
Ms. Nermeen El Bahtimi
Follow-up and Coordination Manager, Magrabi Foundation
Email: nermine@magrabi.or


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