UnderstandingThe Challenge

Eye health care is essential for people’s everyday living conditions and future capabilities. But with 39 million people being affected by blindness worldwide, and 246 million others having moderate or severe visual impairment; we are facing a global public health challenge that affects the most basic needs of living. In reality, the global economy lost nearly $202 billion in the year 2009 because of the lost productivity from avoidable vision impairment alone. In relevance, if a small investment of $28 billion is made to establish eye healthcare services, global eye sights could improve, and therefore, save a major wealth of the global economy. Did you know that 80% of blindness is avoidable? The leading causes of visual impairment are refractive errors and cataract left untreated and incorrected early in the course of the disease. Research has proven that eye health care solutions reduce poverty and achieve Sustainable Development Goals. With clear vision, children could focus in their classrooms, and schools can fight illiteracy. With accessible clinics, adults could save their time to excel at work and improve the economy. With cost-effective treatments, people could avoid blindness and efficiently support their families. By providing equitable eye health care solutions, we can provide the most basic needs for a whole community to achieve its potential .

How We SolveThe Challenge

Devoting a Public Health-Oriented Model We work hard to offer equitable eye healthcare solutions, regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, income, location, etc. By making our solutions more accessible, affordable and acceptable to the general public, we ensure optimal clinical care, improve the environment, positively change health behaviors, and empower personal, social and economic goals to impact the lives of many generations to come. Affording Comprehensive Eye Health Solutions At the core of our hierarchical delivery model, Magrabi Foundation unifies its primary care infrastructure with a holistic eye healthcare system. With world-class expertise, the primary level centers direct its patients to more specialized services at the secondary and tertiary care centers, to uplift their burdens, while continuing to provide comprehensive services for their wellbeing. By promoting sustainable and equitable eye healthcare solutions for all the members of the society, we guarantee to prolonging the ability of our communities in improving and taking control of their health. Consistently, our team of healthcare professionals and experts work hard to prevent future complications from happening. By applying preemptive measures; treating the public with the convenient medical, surgical and refractive interventions as needed; and rehabilitating as well as integrating those with unavoidable visual impairments (such as blindness and low vision) within the society, Magrabi Foundation allows for sustainable and equitable solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.

Guaranteeing Sustainable & Equitable Healthcare

As part of Magrabi Foundation’s mission, we strive to develop scalable operations that enable us to be there for our beneficiaries in the long term, while maintaining our organizational, technical and financial sustainability. To achieve this, we adopt multi-tier and cross-subsidiary strategies that ensure the sustainability of our resources and equitability of our solutions.

Why we Choose This Way

In Egypt as in any other country around the globe, there are two broad types of eye healthcare services. The first type of these eye healthcare services has equity to healthcare access as its prime concern. This type is usually linked with the services provided by the government or the organizations associated to it . The second type of eye healthcare services is for profit, which follows the principles of business and aims for profit generation.A hybrid type that stands amid the former mentioned types is still missing creating lack of organizations that work on equity to access healthcare while maintaining sustainability . Magrabi foundation aims to stand as a model for this hybrid type. Magrabi Foundation ensures that every human being has the basic right to receive high quality eye health care that is acceptable, accessible and affordable. By optimizing our services’ costs and improving our technical competence, we work to guarantee equitable access of eye healthcare for every person in the community. Thus, providing comprehensive and impartial solutions without affecting the Foundation’s financial sustainability, ultimately provides us with a highly competitive edge.

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