Surgical Training


Learning Outcome:
Being trained on the Wet Lab, participants will have knowledge about:
Instrument identification and handling.
Surgical microscope use.
Wound construction and side port.
Continuous curvilinear Capsulorhexis.
Hydro procedures.
Nucleus management.
Corneal stromal hydration.

Being trained on the simulator, participants will have knowledge about:
Instrument control
Phaco concepts
Reliability course
Challenge course

Duration of the training: 4 weeks based on the participant’s surgical performance.
Sunday of each week. (The specific training dates and times will be determined after the candidate is accepted. the training schedule for each training batch will be set in coordination between the batch and the trainers)

When to apply for the training?
As per the invitation sent to you, the application is now open.

How many applicants will be accepted?
Only 30 applicants will be accepted for year 2018.

How much does the training cost?

The total cost of the training program is 3.000 EGP.
The cost for foreigner is 300 USD
The priority of selected applicants will be based on:
– Early and complete application.
– Previous ECCE or SICS experience.
– Previous involvement with MAGRABI foundation.

All applicants are invited to apply and demonstrate their eligibility to join the program.

How to apply?
Please fill the following application:

If you are accepted for the program, you will be contacted by our team to start the program admission process.


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