The MOH prioritized trachoma disease and eye health on the national agenda, after endorsing our research findings from a survey conducted on 6,000 persons, aged 1-9 and 40+ in 47 villages in Menoufia, Egypt. Courtesy of our partners: MOH, British Columbia Center for Epidemiology & International Ophthalmology, Vancouver, Canada.


Magrabi Foundation conducted the Trachoma Rapid Assessment n 1,500 persons, aged 1-9 and 50+ villages in Fayoum, Egypt, and published its findings in the AUC Publication. Courtesy of our Partners: MOH and AUC.


Magrabi Foundation mediated a research on Gender Sensitization for the Uptake of Surgery for Trachoma and Cataract in the two villages of Abyouha and Etledem in Menia, Egypt; and published the research in 2009.


Magrabi Foundation studied 5 selected communities for its Evidence-based Analysis of Community Based Inclusive Development/Community Based Rehabilitation Training Needs in Egypt. The research was presented at the CBR World Congress in Malaysia during 2016.


Magrabi Foundation took charge of Trachoma Mapping in 4 districts in Upper Egypt. The findings were endorsed and incorporated in the database of the Global Trachoma Mapping Program. Courtesy of our Partners: MOH and Sightsavers.